Our mission is to provide environmental containment systems that protect with integrity. Not only with the physical strength and integrity of the products we build and services we provide, but also through the way we conduct business.

Product Integrity

We’ve been supplying world class custom containment systems since 1981. The quality of our design and production speaks for itself. Each system we build is constructed to exact specifications, using chemically resistant thermoplastic materials. We deliver systems that protect with integrity. Protecting our water, soil, and environment from contamination is serious business and we understand that every containment problem is unique. We know how to tailor containment solutions to meet environmental regulations and get the job done.
geosynthetic pond liner - protect with integrity

Business Integrity

The way we protect with integrity extends to how we operate. There’s only one way to conduct business, and that is with honesty and integrity. We strive to deliver the most innovative products and services in the world, backed by a strong work ethic and focus on service. From small emergency repairs to million-square-foot landfill installations, each job is treated with the same care and attention. We warranty our jobs and provide continuing support to our customers. We are proud to foster long-term relationships and value our repeat customers.
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