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Anaerobic Digester Lagoons and Biogas Collection Systems

Complete Biogas Management Systems and Bioenergy Innovation

Through dynamic partnerships with our clients and partners, PFF provides capabilities for the total scope of work on anaerobic digester projects. We provide complete biogas management systems. This includes biogas collection, management, conversion to energy, and revenue generation. Our clients produce renewable energy in the form of methane gas, which is converted to pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG). Clients benefit from on-site energy consumption and qualify for RNG credits, LCFS, and RINS.   

Since our first floating cover installation in 1991, we have installed over 15 million square feet of lagoon covers. Over the last 30 years, we have partnered with our customers to design, engineer, install, and test anaerobic digester systems using the best available methods and technologies. This includes biogas collection, biogas management, biogas venting, and biogas processing. We also provide a specialized ballast system. All work is fabricated, delivered, fused, and tested by the most experienced crews in the industry.

Our experience puts Plastic Fusion in a unique position to continually innovate. We are always improving methods, materials, installation, and quality to set the industry standard for anaerobic digester covers and biogas collection systems.

Plastic Fusion constructed and installed anaerobic digesters for the first renewable natural gas (RNG) injection project in North Carolina. 



Anaerobic Digester Cover



Environmental Stewardship:

Transforming Waste into Renewable Energy

ON-FARM          Swine•Dairy•Poultry
INDUSTRIAL    Protein Processors
MUNICIPAL      Wastewater Treatment 

Floating cover for biogas collection

Repairs and Modifications to Floating Covers

In addition to installing new covers, PFF also modifies existing, older floating covers. We install more effective vent systems, ballast pipe systems, and gas recovery systems. Also, existing covers damaged by storms, failed biogas recovery systems, and other events can be repaired by our crews. First, we assess the condition of the cover and make recommendations. Then, we provide the crews, materials, and equipment necessary to repair the damage and get the system back in operation. 

Anaerobic Digester Lagoons and Biogas Collection Systems


American Biogas Council member