Containment Systems Consulting & Design Assistance

Our experienced team provides consulting and design assistance as needed. Decades of experience have built professional expertise to deliver projects that meet exact specifications, budgets, and deadlines.

Do you have an installation problem or question? Chances are, we’ve already solved or answered it. Through the years, we have developed designs and details that address most constructability issues.

Services include:
  • Computer aided design
  • Technical assistance
  • Research & development
  • Cost feasibility
  • Project consulting
hydroponic plastic liner
Plastic Fusion’s fully integrated CAD department can guide your project from concept to completion, using high-end computer generated graphics. Our pre-project consulting includes on-site evaluations, budget estimates, cost feasibility studies, and material recommendations. With a comprehensive awareness of each proposed system, we can identify any potential concerns early to deliver on time and within budget.
Plastic Fusion Fabricators